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Chip Yost

Chip Yost is assistant vice president for energy and resources policy at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). He also is founder of the Homeport Group and has 26 years of experience in the federal government and private sector. His years in the Senate, House and Executive Branch gave him broad perspective on both legislative and regulatory processes, with expertise in appropriations, financial services, health care, agriculture, public lands, transportation and government administration. In addition, working for an international health care firm provided firsthand experience in business and the impacts of government decisions on businesses.

Article | August 31, 2012
National Association of Manufacturers: Rising Gas Prices Require a Comprehensive Energy Strategy   

By: Chip Yost

NAM: For manufacturers—who use 1/3 of all energy consumed in the U.S.—rising gas prices hamper new investments, expansions, job creation.




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