Article | January 30, 2019
Labor Force Takes Center Stage in Industrial Real Estate   

Distribution center design is evolving, and in large part, it’s changing to address the critical need that companies are challenged with today:... More>>

Article | January 30, 2019
Texas: Unmatched Access To Key Business Drivers — With Freedom to Grow   

Texas offers unmatched access to the key drivers of business success—talent, markets and cost efficiencies—as well as the freedom to grow. More>>

Article | January 30, 2019
Delivery System   

Ports deliver vital goods and services to consumers and ship exports out the country. But they also go well beyond that—they create jobs and... More>>

Article | January 28, 2019
Is Your Distribution Center Ready for the Digital Supply Chain?   

Automation! Robotics! Driverless vehicles! Drones! When it comes to warehousing, distribution and supply chains, those are the most often heard... More>>

Article | January 28, 2019
Supply Chain Logistics Innovations Help Ports Gain Efficiencies   

In the evolving world of supply chain logistics, where paper documents are transitioning to electronic, and end-to-end tracking of containerized... More>>

Article | November 28, 2018
Foreign Direct Investment: Is the Glass Half-Empty or Half Full?   

Recent data about foreign direct investment in the U.S. (FDI) is both a good and bad news story. Read on to learn more. More>>

Article | November 27, 2018
Ready to Roll: Designated and Certified Sites Get Businesses in Motion Fast   

As the old saying goes, don’t let the grass grow under your feet. In other words, getting things going quickly is the best way to go. That’s... More>>

Article | November 27, 2018
Ohio is Fostering a Modern Manufacturing Industry   

For 150 years, Ohio has been a model for fostering manufacturing pride. Ohio seizes the jobs and opportunities of the 21st Century. More>>

Article | November 27, 2018
Evaluation of a Community’s Utility Infrastructure to Satisfy Your Company’s Expansion Plans   

As a company makes a commitment to expand its operations, they often overlook utilities as a significant search factor. More>>

Article | November 27, 2018
Kentucky Working with Companies, Local Colleges to Boost Skilled Workforce   

Kentucky and its corporate partners have new and updated workforce initiatives in collaboration with post-secondary education institutions. More>>



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