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CiCi Awards

CiCi Awards 2022 Corporate Investment Awards

These 14 projects bring more than $16.1 billion in private corporate investment, with an additional 1.2 billion in economic development funding from s...

Tennessee Lays the Groundwork for Continued Innovation

Tennessee Lays the Groundwork for Continued Innovation

Some of the world’s most recognizable brands call Tennessee home. Headquarters, finance and technology drive Tennessee’s economy and provide the groun...

Grass Seedlings

Seed Money: Grass Seed Shortage, Inflation Affecting Sports Industry

There's a shortage out there and it's not toilet paper. It's grass seed, something needed for venues like golf courses and sports fields. And this tim...


CiCi Awards Accepting Entries Now

The deadline for applications is Friday, November 19, 2021.


The Semiconductor Crisis: An Economic Achilles’ Heel

Businesses and consumers are feeling the effects of the chip shortage, and neither can find the resources needed to thrive in our “new normal.” The gl...


Florida The High-Tech Future is Here

The Sunshine State boasts a pro-business climate, expansive infrastructure, growing and diverse workforce, and an unmatched quality of life. Companies...


Ohio Has a Generational Opportunity in Favor of Innovation

JobsOhio’s innovation strategy includes initiatives and investment funds that complement existing strategies, thereby increasing Ohio’s economic compe...


What is Advanced Manufacturing?

Sometimes it seems that every economic development organization includes “advanced manufacturing (AM)” among the industries it hopes to attract and su...


Kentucky Excels in Manufacturing, Service and Tech Sectors

Aided by a central geographic location ideal for manufacturing and distributing products across the U.S., strong workforce development programs and on...


Despite Pandemic, North Carolina Remains a Top Choice for Diverse Industries

North Carolina’s year-over-year success in attracting companies on the cutting-edge of technology and innovation is just one reason why the Tar Heel S...