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Industry News | July 29, 2019
FL: Top Companies, Leaders Form Central Florida Tech Alliance   

The Central Florida Tech Alliance has assembled a community of top companies and leaders to showcase the growth of the region's tech ecosystem. More>>

Industry News | July 29, 2019
Study: Global Tech Giants Most Active Acquirers in AI Tech Space   

The deal-making landscape in the artificial intelligence (AI) tech space during 2014–2018 was dominated by global tech giants, according to... More>>

Industry News | July 29, 2019
Lockheed to Move F-35 Jet Parts Sourcing to U.S. from Turkey   

Lockheed Martin says it's working to establish alternate supply sources for F-35 parts in the U.S., removing Turkey from the fighter jet program. More>>

Industry News | July 22, 2019
World’s Largest Robotics Competition Returns to Dallas 2021-2024   

The Robotics Education & Competition Foundation’s VEX Robotics World Championship will return to Dallas from 2021 through 2024. More>>

Industry News | July 22, 2019
IN: Made in America 2019 Expects 30K Visitors to Indianapolis in Oct.   

MADE IN AMERICA 2019 will take place at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, October 3-6. More>>

Industry News | July 22, 2019
ON: Guelph Welcomes Canada's Agriculture Community for 2020 Conference   

The governments of Canada and Ontario announced that Guelph will host the annual conference of federal, provincial and territorial agricultural... More>>

Industry News | July 22, 2019
Amazon Commits $700 Million to Retrain Workers for New Economy   

Amazon says it will spend $700 million to retrain about a third of its U.S. workforce in skills needed to thrive in the new economy. More>>

Industry News | July 15, 2019
AL: Alabama Aerospace Exports Surge as Industry Growth Gains Pace   

Exports of Alabama-made aerospace products and parts increased in markets around the world last year, as the industry continued to invest in the... More>>

Industry News | July 15, 2019
Survey: 70% of U.S. Employees Hold Positive View of AI in Workplace   

A nationwide survey by Genesys says 70% of U.S. workers have an upbeat attitude toward new workplace technologies involving artificial intelligence. More>>

Industry News | July 15, 2019
OH: Domestic Maritime Industry Creates 13,850 Jobs, $3.2B in Growth   

The American Maritime Partnership recently announced new economic benefits of the industry to the state of Ohio and Great Lakes region. More>>


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