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Industry News | May 1, 2012
Steel, Aluminum Industry Growth Levels Off in March   

March shipments of aluminum and steel were only slightly changed in both the United States and Canada. Inventory positions also remained nearly... More>>

Industry News | April 26, 2012
NEMA’s Electroindustry Business Confidence Index Indicates Improvement in North American Conditions Slowed in April   

Despite the slide seen in the latest month, the index continues to point to an economic environment conducive to industry growth. More>>

Industry News | April 26, 2012
Organic Foods Industry Creates More Than a Half Million Jobs   

Producing U.S. foods organically creates thousands more jobs than if that food were produced using conventional agricultural methods, according to a... More>>

Industry News | April 26, 2012
U.S. EPA, Dept. of Energy Launch Innovative New Tools to Determine Solar and Wind Energy Potential on Contaminated Lands    

City of Richmond, Calif. is serving as a pilot community for development of the tools. More>>

Industry News | April 25, 2012
VA Gov. McDonnell: Aviation and Space Workforce Report Published   

Approximately 12,000 new employees will be required to fill positions that include airline pilots, aircraft mechanics and technicians, aerospace... More>>

Industry News | April 25, 2012
Construction Employment Declined in 36 States between February and March, While 24 States and D.C. Add Jobs    

California adds the most construction jobs and North Dakota adds the highest percentage year-over-year while Florida experiences largest annual... More>>

Industry News | April 25, 2012
Beauty Company Leads Way with Largest Wind Project of any Manufacturer in U.S.   

Hair-care manufacturer Zotos International celebrates 3.3 MW wind energy project. More>>

Industry News | April 19, 2012
Manufacturers: More Regulations from EPA Will Hamper Job Creation   

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons issued this statement on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)... More>>

Industry News | April 19, 2012
South Carolina Department of Commerce Launches Aerospace Task Force   

The South Carolina Department of Commerce today announced that Charlie Farrell will direct the new S.C. Aerospace Task Force, an advisory council to... More>>

Industry News | April 13, 2012
MAPI Survey on the Business Outlook: Composite Index Slips Slightly, But Maintains Strength   

The survey’s composite index is a leading indicator for the manufacturing sector. More>>



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