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July/August 2009
July/August 2009

On Our Way to a Cleaner Nation

I have always been concerned about the future of our children, but have become even more so since I, myself, became a grandmother a year ago. I have a precious grandson, Connor, who is a healthy and energetic "little man" - my dream is for him to remain healthy and energetic. Fortunately, I'm not the only one who feels this way. I'm excited about the direction in which this great Nation is headed; we're headed for a much cleaner nation. Wouldn't our forefathers be proud? I am. And I'm excited about this particular issue - we consider it our "Clean Industries" issue.

In our Feature article on 'Green Buildings,' Suzanne Davis discusses those factors that should be considered when contemplating a "green" development. And Don Schjeldahl puts renewable energy in perspective including what technologies are emerging and where to look for opportunities in our 'Alternative Energy' Feature. When expanding business opportunities and creating economic growth, one must consider the critical solutions provided by research and development - check out John Rhodes' Feature article on this subject.

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In this issue...

Sustainable development, green building, LEED certification….these phrases are becoming a common part of the discussion as companies plan for new facilities. What do these concepts mean to a project? Should your company consider some type of “green” development?   There are many factors to consider, including cost (initial and on-going), planning, schedule, environmental impact and social perception. more...



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