Development News | August 12, 2020
UT: Northrup Grumman Expands Utah Workforce, Adding 600 Positions   

Aerospace and defense contractor Northrup Grumman, one of Utah’s largest private employers, is looking to expand its local workforce by filling... More>>

Development News | July 16, 2020
UT: Uncharted Supply to Expand Park City Headquarters, to Add Jobs   

Uncharted Supply Co. announced key additions to its team including the expansion of its Park City, UT headquarters. More>>

Development News | July 15, 2020
UT: 1-800Accountant to Open Office in Utah, Creating 120 Jobs   

1-800Accountant will open an office in Utah, creating up to 120 new high-paying jobs in the next five years. More>>

Development News | July 7, 2020
UT: Defense Contractor L3Harris to Hire 200 Engineers in Utah   

Defense contractor L3Harris is building a new factory in Utah and advertising 200 new positions for engineers. More>>

Industry News | June 22, 2020
UT: Utah’s EDTIF Program Creates Record Number of Jobs in FY20   

The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) announced that fiscal year 2020 (FY20) was a record year for Utah corporate recruitment. More>>

Development News | June 19, 2020
NV: UT: BDO USA Expands in Nevada, Utah, Adding Dozens of Employees   

Accounting and advisory firm BDO USA has expanded in Utah and Nevada, adding nine partners and about 60 professionals. More>>

Development News | June 17, 2020
UT: GearLaunch Expands in Salt Lake City, Creating 15 New Jobs   

GearLaunch has relocated its headquarters to Salt Lake City, bringing 15 new creative, technical, and management jobs to Utah. More>>

Development News | May 22, 2020
UT: Anglepoint Growing in Lindon, to Create 93 New Jobs   

Anglepoint Group, Inc. will expand its Utah location, creating up to 93 high-paying jobs in the next five years. More>>

Development News | May 21, 2020
UT: GoHealth to Expand in Lindon, Bringing 1,100+ More Jobs to Utah   

GoHealth, LLC will expand its Utah location in Lindon, creating up to 1,159 high-paying jobs in the next five years. More>>

Development News | May 20, 2020
UT: Malouf to Make Big Investment in Cache County, Creating 1,195 Jobs   

Malouf will expand its operations in Utah, creating 1,195 new jobs in the next 10 years. The agreement with GOED projects capital expenditure of $120... More>>