Development News | August 8, 2019
UT: Racing Bike Maker Ventum to Expand in Wasatch Co., Adding 32 Jobs   

High-performance bicycle maker Ventum will relocate its headquarters to Heber, Utah, creating 32 jobs. More>>

Development News | June 14, 2019
UT: GOEX Corp. to Expand in Utah, Adding 100 Jobs   

Medical and food packaging supplier GOEX is expanding operations in Utah, adding up to 100 jobs. More>>

Development News | June 4, 2019
UT: Infab Corp. to Expand in Washington Co., Adding 90 Jobs   

Infab Corporation will expand its operations in Utah, adding 90 jobs, $789,753 in new state revenue and $5 million in capital investment. More>>

Industry News | June 3, 2019
UT: Washington City to Create 800-Acre 'Mega Site' for Businesses   

In April, Washington City, Utah, annexed over 800 acres with plans of creating a “mega site," the St. George News reported. More>>

Development News | May 14, 2019
UT: Tyson to Build Food Production Plant, Creating Up to 1,200 Jobs   

Tyson Fresh Meats will invest almost $300 million to build a food production plant in Utah that will initially provide 800 jobs and is expected to... More>>

Development News | May 13, 2019
UT: Quick Base to Expand Salt Lake Location, Adding 485 Jobs   

The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) announced Quick Base to expand its operations in Utah adding 485 jobs and $6.2 million in... More>>

Development News | May 7, 2019
UT: Bullfrog Spas to Expand, Add 150 In-State Jobs   

The project will also add $2.2 million in state revenue and an estimated $20 million in capital investment. More>>

Development News | May 2, 2019
UT: L3 Technologies to Expand, Create up to 250 Jobs   

Defense contractor L3 Technologies will expand its operations in Utah, adding up to 250 jobs and $6.7M in state revenue over nine years. More>>

Development News | April 25, 2019
UT: Two New Films Announced for Production in Utah, to Create Over 220 Jobs   

Utah Film Commission announced the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) approval of two new films, creating over 220 jobs. More>>

Development News | April 19, 2019
UT: EDCUtah Development-Ready Communities Program Under Way in 20 Cities   

The Economic Development Corporation of Utah announced that its Development Ready Communities Program has more than 20 cities and counties now... More>>



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