South Carolina

Development News | November 15, 2019
SC: Urban Electric Co. Expanding in Charleston County, to Hire 180    

The Urban Electric Co., an artisan lighting fixture designer and manufacturer, announced plans to expand its current Charleston County operations. More>>

Development News | November 13, 2019
SC: Pegasus Home Fashions to Create 113 New Jobs in Bamberg County   

Pegasus Home Fashions, a manufacturer and provider of bedding and home products, announced plans to establish operations in Bamberg County, S.C. More>>

Development News | November 12, 2019
SC: SOPAKCO Expands Marion County Operations, Creates 25 Jobs   

SOPAKCO, a world leader in the design, processing and packaging of processed foods, is expanding its Marion County operations. More>>

Development News | November 11, 2019
SC: ACI Plastics Investing $10M to Expand Oconee County Operations   

ACI Plastics, a thermoplastics processor and recycler, announced plans for a $10 million expansion to its operations in Oconee County, S.C. More>>

Development News | November 7, 2019
SC: DIRTT Environmental Solutions to Create 100+ Jobs in York County   

DIRTT Environmental Solutions plans to establish operations in York County. The $18.5 million investment is expected to create more than 100 jobs. More>>

Development News | November 6, 2019
SC: Tie & Timber Technologies to Create 51 Jobs with Marion County   

Tie & Timber Technologies LLC (T3) announced plans to establish a railroad tie manufacturing operation in Marion County. More>>

Development News | November 5, 2019
SC: eGroup Grows Charleston County Headquarters, Creating 35 Jobs   

eGroup, a provider of innovative business information technology (IT) services, is expanding its corporate HQ in Charleston County. More>>

Development News | October 31, 2019
SC: Sapience Automation Investing in Berkeley County, Creating 26 Jobs   

Sapience Automation, a full-service integrator of robot systems, is establishing operations in Berkeley County, creating 26 new jobs. More>>

Development News | October 24, 2019
SC: Sumter Casket to Expand in Clarendon County, Adding 11 Jobs   

Sumter Casket Company will expand its operations to Clarendon County. The company’s $1.8 million investment is projected to create 11 jobs. More>>

Development News | October 23, 2019
SC: UPS to Expand in North Myrtle Beach, Creating 50 New Jobs    

UPS is planning to expand operations in Horry County. The proposed project will create more than 50 new jobs over the next five years. More>>



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