Development News | July 21, 2017
VA: Nomadic Display to Relocate, Expand HQ in Fairfax County, Hire 30   

Leader in trade show displays will create 30 jobs and retrain 61 existing employees in conjuction with relocation and expansion. More>>

Development News | June 13, 2017
VA: Amazon Web Services to Create up to 1,500 New Jobs in Fairfax County   

Company to expand presence with East Coast corporate campus at One Dulles Tower. More>>

Development News | June 7, 2017
VA: Ferguson to Invest $82.8M, Expand, Create 434 Jobs in Newport News   

Largest U.S. plumbing wholesaler to expand HQ in Newport News, VA, retain 1,000+ jobs, create 434 jobs, add campus at City Center for IT. More>>

Development News | June 1, 2017
VA: Eastman Chemical Co. to Invest $11.7M in Henry County, Add 15 Jobs   

Advanced materials & specialty additives co. to add a new equipment line within its Performance Films business, providing additional capacity. More>>

Development News | May 30, 2017
VA: Granules India to Invest $35M, Expand, Add 102 Jobs in Fairfax County   

Vertically integrated pharmaceutical co. to invest $35M into its wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, expand pharmaceutical R&D & mfg operation. More>>

Development News | May 19, 2017
VA: Concept Plus to Expand in Fairfax County, Add 31 Jobs   

IT service provider to invest $140,000 to expand & create a shared lab for application developers in Fairfax County, VA. More>>

Development News | May 17, 2017
VA: Windward Consulting to Expand IT HQ, Add 97 New Jobs in Fairfax County   

IT consultancy helping large organizations manage data centers & networks to invest $825,000, expand its HQ in Fairfax County, VA. More>>

Development News | May 11, 2017
U.S.: 2017 CiCi Awards Community Impact Recipients Transform Locations   

12th Annual CiCi Community Impact category celebrates projects that make communities a better place. These co.s are beacons of light. More>>

2017_CiCi_Impact Logo
Article | May 5, 2017
2017 Community Impact Awards   

It’s hard to capture the immeasurable impact businesses can have on a community, yet the CiCi Awards Community Impact category does just that. More>>

2017_CiCi_Investment Logo
Article | May 5, 2017
2017 Corporate Investment Awards   

What does corporate investment look like? For our 15 CiCi Awards Corporate Investment recipients, it means investing more than $11B. More>>