Development News | July 24, 2018
VA: Speyside Bourbon Cooperage to Invest $35M, Open in 2 Counties, Hire 160   

Co. to invest $26M to establish a bourbon barrel cooperage in Smyth County & $9M in a new stave mill facility in Washington County, VA. More>>

Development News | July 20, 2018
VA: Blue Ridge Optics to Invest in New Product Line in Bedford County   

Leader in fabrication, polishing & coating of optical components to invest $750,000 to develop new product line, retrain 7 employees. More>>

Development News | July 13, 2018
VA: SAIC to Create 75 Jobs in Richmond, Retain Over 400 Employees    

Science Applications International Corporation to add ~75 IT jobs in downtown Richmond, retain 400+ jobs in existing sites in the Commonwealth. More>>

Article | July 8, 2018
Prime Places for Business Prosperity   

Every business aspires to find the best location for its prosperity. An exclusive glimpse into American sites that may be the perfect fit. More>>

Development News | June 28, 2018
VA: Newport News Shipbuilding to Invest $1B, Hire 7,000    

VA is initiating unique partnership with Huntington Ingalls Industries’ Newport News Shipbuilding division to support major hiring initiative. More>>

Development News | June 22, 2018
VA: ComSonics, Inc. to Expand Electronics Mfg Operation, Create 34 Jobs   

A design, mfg, sales & repair solutions provider for electronics & fiber optics to invest $615,00, expand mfg operation in Augusta County, VA. More>>

Development News | June 13, 2018
VA: Bechtel Global HQ Moves to Washington, D.C. Area   

Project management, engineering, procurement, and construction leader, announced it will consolidate its global headquarters in the Washington, D.C.... More>>

Development News | June 7, 2018
VA: SchaeferRolls, Inc. to Invest $12M, Create 31 Jobs in City of Covington   

Producer of polymer-based roll covers & wholly owned subsidiary of SchäferRolls GmbH & Co. KG to open City of Covington 40,000-sq-ft mfg op. More>>

Development News | June 4, 2018
VA: Delta Pure Filtration to Invest $2M, Add 18 New Jobs in Hanover County   

Mfgr of cartridge filters & systems to expand existing building & construct additional facility on site for R&D, admin services & warehouse space. More>>

Development News | May 31, 2018
VA: Homestead Building Systems to Invest $2.45M, Expand, Add 60 Orange County Jobs   

Producer of custom-engineered lumber products to expand its production operation and create 60 new jobs in Orange County, VA. More>>


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