Article | February 24, 2017
Communities Where Businesses Flourish with the Fruits of the Land   

Take a look at exciting examples of successful agricultural businesses & food processing centers that have found a home across the country. More>>

Agency | February 22, 2017
Cultivation Corridor   


Development News | February 21, 2017
IA: IEDA Awards to Support $80+M in Capital Investments, 82 New Jobs    

Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) board awarded direct financial assistance & tax benefits to 3 co.s for job creation, expansion projects. More>>

Development News | January 24, 2017
IA: Economic Development Board Awards Support $81+M in Capital Investments   

IEDA board awarded direct financial assistance & tax benefits to 3 co.s for job creation & expansion projects, assisting in creating 535 jobs. More>>

Development News | January 17, 2017
U.S.: Walmart to Invest $6.8B for Economic Development, 34,000 New Jobs   

Largest private employer of nearly 1.5M in the U.S. plans to invest billions, create American jobs, invest in local communities across U.S. More>>

Development News | November 16, 2016
IA: REG Breaks Ground for $24M Ralston Biorefinery Expansion   

Company’s first plant to grow from 12 million to 30 million gallon nameplate capacity. More>>

Development News | October 24, 2016
IA: Economic Development Board Supports $93M in Capital Investments   

IEDA board awarded direct financial assistance and tax benefits to six companies for job creation and expansion projects. More>>

Article | July 29, 2016
Clean Industry: A Clear Choice   

Throughout the country, communities are realizing businesses in the clean industry sector are a smart choice. Find out where some of them are. More>>

Development News | July 26, 2016
IA: Economic Development Awards Support $456M in Investments    

IEDA board awarded financial assistance & tax benefits to 8 companies to create jobs, expansion; will assist in 308 hirings, retention of 4. More>>

Development News | June 7, 2016
IA: Simply Essentials to Invest $30M, Reopen Charles City Poultry Plant    

Co. to hire 250, be a state-of-the-art chicken processing plant producing high-quality, premium chicken products for health-focused consumers. More>>


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