Development News | February 3, 2016
IA: Econ. Dev. Board Awards Support for $254M+ in Capital Investments   

IEDA board awarded direct financial assistance & tax benefits to 4 companies for job creation and expansion projects: will help create 241 jobs. More>>

Development News | December 21, 2015
IL, IA: Quad Cities Chamber, U of IL Partner for $5.5M Defense Dpt. Grant   

The Quad Cities Chamber partnered with the University of Illinois to support economic revitalization in IL & bi-state Quad Cities region. More>>

Development News | November 23, 2015
IA: Economic Dev. Board Approves Support of ~$12M in Capital Investments   

The IA awards will assist in creation of 126 jobs, retention of 88 jobs & nearly $12M in new capital investment for the state. More>>

Development News | November 11, 2015
IA: Kraft Heinz to Invest $200M for New Davenport Facility, Retain 475 Jobs   

Third-largest food & beverage co. in N. America (fifth-largest in the world) to replace facility with new state-of-the art plant. More>>

Development News | November 5, 2015
IA: GE to Invest $7.4M in W. Burlington Mfg Facility, Add 120 Jobs   

Investment will be used to expand GE’s medium-voltage product development and production in North America. More>>

Development News | November 4, 2015
IA: DuPont Opens the World’s Largest Cellulosic Ethanol Plant    

World’s largest cellulosic ethanol plant, with capacity to produce 30M gallons per year of clean fuel, offers 90% reduction in greenhouse gas... More>>

Development News | October 19, 2015
IA: Economic Dev. Board Awards to Support $57+M in Capital Investments    

These awards will assist in the creation of 198 jobs. More>>

Development News | September 22, 2015
IA: Economic Development Board Approves Awards to Support $24M Investments   

These awards from the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) board will assist in the creation of 199 jobs. More>>

Article | September 3, 2015
U.S. Workforce Development Programs: Catalysts to Business Success   

If workforce training is a top priority, as it should be, you'll want to check out these interviews focused on top locations' programs. More>>

Article | September 3, 2015
Settle-In-Ready Business Sites   

What does being a designated site mean? It means a whole lot of peace of mind. This exclusive article introduces you to some of those sites. More>>


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