Development News | April 18, 2019
MN: Northrop Grumman Expands Plymouth Operations, to Create 60 Jobs   

Northrop Grumman plans to improve their existing 191,000 square foot facility in Plymouth, Minnesota, and is expected to create more than 60 new jobs... More>>

Development News | April 17, 2019
MN: Five Sites Awarded Funding for Demolition and Redevelopment   

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) awarded $2 million in grants and loans to assist in the redevelopment of five... More>>

Development News | April 16, 2019
MN: Three Cities Awarded Infrastructure Grants, Spurring Job Growth   

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development announced $1.69 million in infrastructure grants for projects in Greater Minnesota. More>>

Industry News | April 8, 2019
Minneapolis to Host ACEEE National Conference on Energy Efficiency   

ACEEE will host its tenth National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource in Minneapolis, Oct. 15-17, highlighting the latest developments in... More>>

Article | March 23, 2019
Consider the Options in Medical Manufacturing Site Selection   

The global market for the medical device and equipment manufacturing industry, also known as Medtech, is estimated to reach $409.5 billion by 2023.... More>>

Development News | March 15, 2019
MN: $26 Million Approved for Water Infrastructure Projects   

The Minnesota Public Facilities Authority (PFA) approved $26 million in loan and grant funding for water infrastructure projects in Minnesota. More>>

Development News | March 5, 2019
MN: Five Minnesota Businesses Awarded $1.7 Million from Job Creation Fund   

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) approved grants totaling more than $1.7 million in funding for five Minnesota... More>>

Development News | February 15, 2019
MN: Graco Plans Expansion in Rogers, Adding 84 Jobs   

Graco, manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, plans to create 84 jobs and invest $73 million to expand its operations in Rogers, Minn. More>>

Development News | December 17, 2018
MN: DEED Approves $1.51 million in Job Creation Funding for Six Businesses   

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) approved more than $1.51M for three businesses. More>>

Development News | December 13, 2018
MN: UnitedHealth Group to Train 50 Employees, Thanks to Grant from Minnesota DEED    

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development has awarded $161,779 to UnitedHealth Group to train 50 employees. More>>


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