Development News | August 30, 2016
MN: Aura Fabricators to Invest $3.76M, Expand Operations to Fergus Falls   

Specialist in making ornamental railings, steel bridge components, other metal products investing in a new manufacturing facility. More>>

Development News | August 16, 2016
MN: Microbiologics Inc. to Expand in St. Cloud, Create 35 Jobs   

Supplier of microorganisms & lab-testing products to build 30,000 sq-ft addition, create 35 jobs in expansion & renovation of HQ. More>>

Development News | July 26, 2016
MN: Wagner SprayTech Plans Expansion in Plymouth    

Manufacturer of paint sprayers, applicators and decorating products' $8.44M project is expected to create 66 jobs. More>>

Development News | July 25, 2016
MN: 3M Strengthens Design and Creativity with New 3M Design Center   

The new studio, located at the 3M headquarters in St. Paul, MN, is inspired by local and global culture, influencing the contemporary design. More>>

Development News | June 17, 2016
MN: Stern Rubber Co. to Double Facility Size in Aitkin, Add Jobs    

Custom rubber molder and extruder will invest $1.26M to expand its Aitkin plant from 10,000 sq ft to 20,000 sq ft, add 10 jobs. More>>

Development News | June 15, 2016
MN: Amazon to Open Minneapolis Office, Create 100 Tech Jobs   

Amazon opening tech development center; donating $10,000 to Code Savvy, a non-profit that teaches inner-city kids to code. More>>

Development News | May 24, 2016
MN: Kraft Heinz to Invest $100M+, Add 50 Jobs in New Ulm    

Fifth-largest food and beverage co. in the world to expand its production facility in Southern Minnesota. More>>

Development News | May 12, 2016
MN: Pace Industries Plans $6.3M Expansion in Maple Lake, 20 New Jobs   

Die-casting facility will add 60,000 sq ft at the operation and make adjustments to an existing structure. More>>

Development News | May 9, 2016
MN: Iowa Startup Corvida Medical Expanding in Eagan   

Medical device maker will invest $3.1 million, create 17 high-paying jobs. More>>

Development News | March 31, 2016
MN: Wagner SprayTech to Invest $15M for Otsego Distribution Center   

Manufacturer of marketing paint sprayers, applicators & decorating products will build the 270,000 sq-ft facility, create jobs. More>>