Development News | November 22, 2019
LA: New Orleans-Based Solomon Group to Create 86-Job Expansion   

Solomon Group, a national entertainment design and production company based in New Orleans, will create 86 new direct jobs. More>>

Development News | November 11, 2019
LA: Video Games Testing Firm Testronic Plans 150-Person New Orleans Facility   

Testronic, a UK-based video games testing firm, said it plans to open a facility in New Orleans and hire 150 over the next five years. More>>

Development News | November 7, 2019
LA: Three Biotech Firms To Create 135 Jobs In New Orleans   

Expansions by three biotech firms – AxoSim, Cadex Genomics and Obatala Sciences – will create 135 new direct jobs in the New Orleans area. More>>

Development News | November 5, 2019
LA: Major Cybersecurity Center to Open on Baton Rouge Water Campus   

Plans are in the works to establish a major cybersecurity center on the Water Campus south of downtown Baton Rouge, creating dozens of jobs. More>>

Development News | October 28, 2019
LA: SNF Announces $375M Expansion At Iberville, Creating 150 Jobs   

SNF Holding Company is investing $375 million to expand its water-treatment and water-conditioning polymer production plant near Plaquemine, La. More>>

Development News | October 25, 2019
LA: Econ Development Initiatives Announced at La. Tech, With Hundreds of Jobs   

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards and Louisiana Tech University President Les Guice announced two economic development initiatives. More>>

Development News | October 24, 2019
LA: New Clinic at Pennington Biomedical to Generate 55 New Jobs   

A new bariatric and metabolic surgery center will open at Pennington Biomedical Research Center and Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge. More>>

Industry News | October 21, 2019
LA: Louisiana Wins International Award For Small Business Excellence   

Louisiana Economic Development’s Small Business Services team was honored by the International Economic Development Council recently. More>>

Development News | October 17, 2019
LA: Madison Parish Port Announces $8.1 Million Infrastructure Expansion   

With an investment of $8.1 million, the Madison Parish Port will expand port infrastructure in support of future economic development. More>>

Development News | October 14, 2019
LA: Massive Methanex Project to Generate 1,000+ Construction Jobs   

The third methanol plant developed by Methanex in Geismar, Louisiana, a $1.3 billion to $1.4 billion project, will generate over 1,000 construction... More>>



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