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Development News | November 16, 2020
SC: Santa Cruz Nutritionals to Expand in Sumter Co., Creating 164 Jobs   

Santa Cruz Nutritionals announced plans to expand operations in Sumter County. The $84 million investment will create 164 new jobs. More>>

Development News | November 11, 2020
MT: Montana to See First Whole Foods Market in Bozeman   

A Framingham, Mass., development company is co-redeveloping a Montana mall and bringing the first Whole Foods Market to the western state. More>>

Development News | November 11, 2020
SC: Mark Anthony Brewing to Create 300 New Jobs in Richland County   

Mark Anthony Brewing plans to build a state-of-the-art brewery and production facility in Richland County, creating 300 new jobs. More>>

Industry News | November 9, 2020
NJ: State Bans Plastic, Paper Bags in One of U.S.'s Most Stringent Laws   

Supermarkets in New Jersey will no longer be able to give paper bags to customers starting in mid-2022. More>>

Development News | November 9, 2020
TN: Frito-Lay to Expand Pulaski Operations, Creating 100 Jobs   

Frito-Lay will expand its operations in the city of Pulaski, creating 100 new jobs over the next three years and investing $100 million in Giles... More>>

Development News | November 6, 2020
NM: Five Production Support Businesses Expand to Boost N.M.'s Film Industry    

Over the last year, five new major production service support businesses have located or expanded to a new facility in New Mexico. More>>

Development News | November 5, 2020
UT: Theodore Global Brings Beverage Business to Utah, to Hire 15   

Theodore Global is opening a new manufacturing and distribution operation in Salt Lake City. More>>

Development News | November 4, 2020
TX: Grocer H-E-B Opens New Stores in Lubbock and San Antonio   

Retailer H-E-B is opening new 122,000-square-foot grocery stores in Lubbock and San Antonio. More>>

Development News | November 2, 2020
GA: New Sumter County Processing Center to Create 100+ Jobs   

BandD Foods, a supplier of frozen meat products, has opened a new facility in Sumter County. More>>

Development News | October 30, 2020
WI: HARIBO to Break Ground on Gummi Production Plant in Pleasant Prairie    

HARIBO of America says it will begin construction later this year on its gummi production campus in Pleasant Prairie, Wis. More>>