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Author | March 18, 2020
John Richardson   

John Richardson is a highly experienced trainer and chemicals industry consultant, who has been working in the industry for 22 years. Based in... More>>

Author | March 18, 2020
Kristie Davis   

Kristie Davis is the Director of Missouri One Start, a Division of the Department of Economic Development, and administers the state’s most... More>>

Author | March 16, 2020
Governor Tony Evers   

Gov. Tony Evers was elected Wisconsin’s 46th governor in January 2019, having previously served as the Wisconsin Superintendent of Public... More>>

Article | March 16, 2020
Wisconsin: Helping Manufacturers Succeed   

Logistics and access to markets are universal challenges facing companies of every size and kind—and in this area in particular, Wisconsin excels... More>>

Author | January 14, 2020
Dan Khasis   

Dan Khasis is the founder and CEO of Route4Me, a logistics software company. He is a technology entrepreneur and has co-founded several successful... More>>

Author | January 14, 2020
Dana Saucier   

Dana Saucier is the vice president and head of economic development for JobsOhio, overseeing business strategy, industry sector teams, business... More>>

Author | January 14, 2020
Kyle Johnson   

Kyle Johnson, location consultant, brings more than nine years of valuable experience in location, community, economic development and real estate... More>>

Author | January 10, 2020
Erran Persley   

Erran Persley serves as the commissioner for business development for the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, responsible for new business... More>>

Author | January 9, 2020
Jamal Allen Sowell   

Jamal Allen Sowell is president and CEO of Enterprise Florida Inc. (EFI), the principal economic development organization for Florida, assuming this... More>>

Author | January 9, 2020
Robin Parton Pate   

Robin Parton Pate is the chief operating officer of the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI-The Composites Institute),... More>>