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Leslie R. Rubin

Rubin Advisors, Inc.

Leslie R. Rubin

Leslie Rubin, president of Rubin Advisors, Inc., Ph.D., Indiana University, has been providing economic development services to private sector companies for over 17 years. Her expertise comes from previous ownership of two biotechnology businesses, serving as Director of Planning for the City of Indianapolis, and having obtained and administered multimillion dollar grants.

Article | July 20, 2011
Insights: While on a Run   

By: Leslie R. Rubin

On one particularly hot and muggy summer morning, I began a daily run while thinking about conversations that had taken place over the past several...more >>

Article | January 11, 2011
Insights: Wine, Business Women and an Economic Recovery Perspective   

By: Leslie R. Rubin

It is always a challenge to look into the illusive crystal ball and accurately predict what will happen a year from now or even six months given the...more >>

Article | February 28, 2010
The Essential Individual in Building a Sustainable Economy   

By: Leslie R. Rubin,Sarah E. Rubin

People have been hammered over the past 12 months with articles, stories and pictures of an economy that is dysfunctional and lives that have been...more >>

Article | October 31, 2009
Infrastructure - Paving the Way to an Economic Recovery   

By: Leslie R. Rubin,Sarah E. Rubin

The United States government’s investment in infrastructure has a long history of assisting in the foundation of communities by providing...more >>

Article | August 31, 2009
Stimulating the Industrial Sector with Public Funding   

By: Leslie R. Rubin,Sarah E. Rubin

Our U.S. economy depends on the flow of money to keep its engines running. Stop the flow and the engine chokes. To restart the engine requires...more >>

Article | October 31, 2008
Impacting the Bottom Line with Economic Incentives   

By: Leslie R. Rubin,Sarah E. Rubin

There is a bumper sticker that says, “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.” Frankly, many economists and government officials are...more >>



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