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Jim Kemp

Hickey and Associates, LLC

Jim Kemp

Jim Kemp is a principal with Hickey and Associates, LLC, a global site selection and public incentives firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jim has over 35 years of experience working in the aerospace and defense industry managing production, test and facilities. Jim has extensive experience in strategic Infrastructure planning, site selection and public incentives. Jim worked for Lockheed Martin for 35 years and recently retired and joined the H&A team. Jim also managed a large number of public incentive projects at Lockheed Martin and closed on nearly half a billion dollars’ worth of effort. One of Jim’s major projects has won CoreNet Global’s project of the year award.

Article | May 21, 2014
Aerospace and Defense Industry: Navigating a Global Future   

By: Jim Kemp

Learn why it appears the aerospace and defense industry will be very dynamic over the next few years, and implications for site selection.



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