January/February 2007 | Trade and Industry Development

January/February 2007


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Driven by advances in technology and economic demand, focus on the world of “bio” has never been greater.  Emphasis has been placed in several “fields” of bio:  BioMed (enhancements to medicine); BioTech (new technologies from the life sciences); BioEnergy (alternative fuels solutions); & BioAg (improved crop development); to name a few.  Each one, on their own, offers possibilities for augmented lifestyles.  Combined, these fields present opportunities for a profoundly improved human existence.
It is no wonder then, that regions worldwide have created programs to enhance their role in the emerging bio experience.  In this issue, we explore those initiatives being offered, as well as the site selection parameters facing executives in these fields. 
For even more information, don’t miss the area “Spotlights” (Canada, Virginia, Missouri, and Wisconsin) showcasing additional programs and initiatives designed to improve your endeavors.

In this issue

Wisconsin: The Core of Biotech Discovery

BY:Jim Doyle

From the development of the Babcock Milk Test in the late 19th century to the isolation of human embryonic stem cells in the late 20th century, the State of Wisconsin has a long and successful tradition of supporting the research, development and commercialization of ideas – and transitioning them into real world solutions and profitable life science ventures. more....