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Jay A. Garner, CEcD, CCE

Jay A. Garner, CEcD, CCE

Jay A. Garner, CEcD, CCE is the president and founder of Garner Economics, LLC, an economic development and site location consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with representative offices in Berlin, Germany and Seoul, Korea. Jay often lectures and provides counsel on creating and implementing proactive global business development strategies and tactics. His firm is also a leader in providing assistance to corporate clients in their site selection process.

Also, Garner Economics and Primus builders have partnered to create one of the most extensive certification initiatives in the economic development and food/beverage industry.

Contact: www.garnereconomics.com

Article | December 31, 2012
Site Selection Trends in the Ever-Growing Food Processing Industry   

By: Jay A. Garner, CEcD, CCE

Food and beverage industry growth areas and location trends discussed as it continues to expand and evolve to meet consumer demands.




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