Development News | June 19, 2020
SC: VELUX Greenwood Expanding Operations in Greenwood County   

VELUX Greenwood, a world leader in skylights and roof window manufacturing, announced plans to expand operations in Greenwood County. More>>

Development News | June 19, 2020
MO: Tyler Pipe to Expand in Marshfield, Adding 75 Jobs   

Tyler Pipe Company plans to expand their Marshfield operations, adding 75 new jobs to their existing workforce. More>>

Development News | June 17, 2020
Maritime Company To Create 332 New Jobs In City Of Newport News   

S23 Holdings will establish a corporate and industrial campus for ship repair, manufacturing, and to rehabilitate piers. More>>

Development News | June 16, 2020
Trek Bicycle Pledges to Create 1,000 Industry Jobs for People of Color   

Trek Bicycle has announced an array of initiatives related to racial equity, including a commitment to creating 1,000 industry jobs for people of... More>>

Development News | June 15, 2020
IN: Barletta Boat Co. Plans Elkhart County Expansion, 250 New Jobs   

Barletta Boat Company plans to expand its operations in Elkhart County and nearly double its Indiana workforce, creating up to 250 new jobs. More>>

Development News | June 12, 2020
VA: FerraTex Solutions To Establish Facility In Henry Co.; Adding 15 Jobs   

FerraTex Solutions, LLC, will invest approximately $1.95 million to renovate and expand a facility in Henry County. More>>

Development News | June 12, 2020
FL: DiversiTech Corp. to Open Facility in Leesburg, Creating 25 Jobs   

A Georgia-based company that manufactures products for the heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry is coming to Lake... More>>

Development News | June 11, 2020
KY: Packaging Company Expands with New Facility in Louisville    

Packaging Technology Group Inc. announced the opening of a new location in Louisville, Kentucky. More>>

Development News | June 10, 2020
NC: Cut and Sew Manufacturer to Open Facility in Sanford, Creating 160 Jobs   

Through6, an on-demand, full cut and sew vertical manufacturing solution, will open a new facility in Sanford, NC. More>>

Development News | June 8, 2020
IN: Ameri-Kart Expanding in Elkhart County, Creating 210 Jobs   

Ameri-Kart plans to expand its Elkhart County manufacturing operations, consolidating its Michigan and Indiana plants and creating up to 210 new jobs... More>>