Article | June 14, 2019
2019 CiCi Awards: Corporate Investment   

Investment by companies in the U.S. continues to be strong. The 15 Corporate Investment winners of Trade & Industry Development’s 2019 CiCi Awards... More>>

Article | June 14, 2019
The 2019 CiCi Awards   

Businesses shape our communities. They bring in revenue and they propel regions of our country forward, impacting residents in countless ways. Trade... More>>

Development News | June 14, 2019
AL: Auto Supplier to Invest $110M, Create 380 Jobs in Huntsville   

DaikyoNishikawa US plans to invest $110 million to open an auto parts manufacturing facility in Huntsville to serve the Mazda Toyota Manufacturing... More>>

Development News | June 6, 2019
AL: Auto Supplier to Open Manufacturing Facility, Create 650 Jobs   

Auto supplier Y-tec Keylex Toyotetsu Alabama (YKTA) plans to invest $220 million to open a manufacturing facility that will create 650 jobs. More>>

Agency | May 31, 2019


Industry News | May 27, 2019
AL: State Sets Record with $8.7B in Investment, 17,000 New Jobs   

Companies locating new or expanding operations in Alabama invested $8.7 billion in growth projects during 2018, a record for the state. More>>

Industry News | May 13, 2019
Alabama Sets Record with $8.7 Billion in Investment, 17,000 New Jobs   

Companies locating new facilities in Alabama or expanding existing operations invested $8.7 billion in growth projects during 2018, establishing a... More>>

Development News | May 7, 2019
AL: Westervelt Co. to Build New Lumber Mill in Clarke County, Creating 125 Jobs   

Tuscaloosa-based Westervelt Co. announced that the company will build a new lumber mill in Clarke County, creating 125 jobs. More>>

Development News | May 6, 2019
AL: Airbus to Build in Mobile, Bringing 600 Jobs   

Airbus is also hiring for production positions at its existing A320 Family aircraft manufacturing line on its Alabama campus. More>>

Development News | April 23, 2019
AL: Nucor to Expand Trinity Division, Adding $27M and 35 New Jobs   

Nucor Tubular Products will expand its Trinity, Ala., division. The $27.2 million expansion will include new production will add about 35 new jobs. More>>


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