Development News | January 24, 2019
MS: Amazon Locating Consumer Goods Fulfillment Center in Marshall County, Creating 850 Jobs   

Amazon is locating a consumer goods fulfillment center in Marshall County. The project will create 850 jobs over three years. More>>

Development News | January 21, 2019
MS: Blauer Manufacturing Expanding, Creating 150 Jobs   

Blauer Manufacturing, maker of clothing and protective wear for first responders, is expanding its operations in North Mississippi. More>>

Development News | January 14, 2019
MS: DMC Power Expansion to Olive Branch, Creating 125 Jobs   

DMC Power is expanding manufacturing and distribution operations to Olive Branch, MS, and creating 125 jobs. More>>

Development News | January 11, 2019
MS: Williams-Sonoma, Inc.’s Sutter Street Manufacturing Expanding Furniture Manufacturing Operations to Lee County, Creating 350 Jobs   

Sutter Street Manufacturing is expanding its upholstered furniture manufacturing operations to Mississippi, opening a facility in Lee County. More>>

Development News | November 27, 2018
MS: Ajinomoto Foods North America Growing in Oakland, Creating 76 Jobs   

Ajinomoto Foods North America is expanding its existing operations in Oakland, MS, investing $22M and creating 76 jobs over four years. More>>

Development News | October 11, 2018
MS: Commercial Kitchen Equipment Mfgr Nokomis to Expand in De Kalb, Hire 12   

Nokomis expanding operations into former EMF building, which it purchased from Kemper County, MS, with $600,000 corporate investment. More>>

Development News | October 3, 2018
MS: Auto Parts Manufacturing Mississippi to Invest $100M, Expand Production, Hire 50    

Tier 1 automotive supplier in Lee County, MS, investing $100M, increasing production & creating 50 jobs. More>>

Development News | September 28, 2018
MS: Hunter Engineering to Invest $8M, Expand in Durant, Hire 60   

Automotive service equipment mfgr to expand with 85,000-sq-ft addtion in Durant, MS, for more mfg, painting & shipping. More>>

Development News | September 5, 2018
MS: Mueller Industries Opens Distribution Ops in Fulton, Adds 60 Jobs    

Manufacturer & and distributer of plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration & industrial products cut ribbon on warehousing & distribution ops. More>>

Development News | August 30, 2018
MS: Sephora Opens New Distribution Center in Olive Branch, Adds 400 Jobs    

Beauty retailer opened a new distribution operations facility in Olive Branch, MI, adding 400 jobs in DeSoto County. More>>