Development News | March 7, 2019
MS: ABB Expanding in Senatobia, Creating 50 New Jobs   

Global manufacturing technology leader ABB is expanding its operations in Senatobia with a $36 million corporate investment that will create 50 new... More>>

Agency | February 22, 2019
North Mississippi Industrial Development Association   


Development News | February 11, 2019
MS: HomeStretch Inc Increasing Furniture Production, Creating 71 Jobs   

HomeStretch Inc., an upholstered reclining furniture manufacturer, is expanding. The project is a $500,000 corporate investment and will create 71... More>>

Development News | February 8, 2019
MS: Corelle Brands opening manufacturing and distribution facility in Marshall County, creating 400 jobs   

Corelle Brands plans to invest $27.7 million in the construction of a new facility and create approximately 400 jobs by the end of June 2020. More>>

Development News | February 7, 2019
MS: Entergy Nuclear expanding operations, workforce, creating 250 new jobs   

Entergy Nuclear is expanding its operations and workforce in Mississippi, creating 70 new jobs at its Grand Gulf Nuclear Station in Port Gibson. More>>

Article | January 30, 2019
Delivery System   

Ports deliver vital goods and services to consumers and ship exports out the country. But they also go well beyond that—they create jobs and... More>>

Development News | January 24, 2019
MS: Amazon Locating Consumer Goods Fulfillment Center in Marshall County, Creating 850 Jobs   

Amazon is locating a consumer goods fulfillment center in Marshall County. The project will create 850 jobs over three years. More>>

Development News | January 21, 2019
MS: Blauer Manufacturing Expanding, Creating 150 Jobs   

Blauer Manufacturing, maker of clothing and protective wear for first responders, is expanding its operations in North Mississippi. More>>

Development News | January 14, 2019
MS: DMC Power Expansion to Olive Branch, Creating 125 Jobs   

DMC Power is expanding manufacturing and distribution operations to Olive Branch, MS, and creating 125 jobs. More>>

Development News | January 11, 2019
MS: Williams-Sonoma, Inc.’s Sutter Street Manufacturing Expanding Furniture Manufacturing Operations to Lee County, Creating 350 Jobs   

Sutter Street Manufacturing is expanding its upholstered furniture manufacturing operations to Mississippi, opening a facility in Lee County. More>>