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Industry News | October 21, 2019
LA: Louisiana Wins International Award For Small Business Excellence   

Louisiana Economic Development’s Small Business Services team was honored by the International Economic Development Council recently. More>>

Development News | October 17, 2019
LA: Madison Parish Port Announces $8.1 Million Infrastructure Expansion   

With an investment of $8.1 million, the Madison Parish Port will expand port infrastructure in support of future economic development. More>>

Development News | October 15, 2019
AR: U.S. Firm Acquires Vanadium Facility, Jobs Expansion Possible   

U.S. Vanadium Holding Company announced the acquisition of the only facility in the Americas that produces the world’s highest-purity vanadium. More>>

Development News | October 14, 2019
LA: Massive Methanex Project to Generate 1,000+ Construction Jobs   

The third methanol plant developed by Methanex in Geismar, Louisiana, a $1.3 billion to $1.4 billion project, will generate over 1,000 construction... More>>

Development News | October 11, 2019
LA: West Calcasieu Port Receives $4.2M Grant for Infrastructure Improvements   

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards highlighted a $4.2 million grant awarded recently to the West Calcasieu Port by the U.S. Department of Commerce. More>>

Development News | October 10, 2019
LA: Northshore Technical CC Partners With GNO Inc. for DOL Workforce Grant   

Northshore Technical Community College has been awarded a $1.9 million Delta Regional Authority (DRA) grant by the US Department of Labor (DOL). More>>

Development News | September 26, 2019
LA: BBQGuys Announces Baton Rouge HQ Expansion, 50 New Jobs   

BBQGuys will expand its online sales operation in Baton Rouge, adding 20 new positions. More>>

Development News | September 26, 2019
FL: Lockheed Wins $4.6 Billion NASA Contract for Orion Spacecraft   

Lockheed Martin Corp. won a $4.6 billion contract to build at least six Orion spacecraft to carry astronauts to the moon, Bloomberg reported. More>>

Development News | September 25, 2019
TX: Apple’s New Mac Pro to Be Assembled in Texas After Tariff Waiver   

The next version of Apple's high-end Mac Pro computer will be assembled in Texas after the company received tariff waivers on key components. More>>

Development News | September 25, 2019
OK: Wiley Post Airport to Add New Facility, With 10-15 New Jobs   

Oklahoma City's Wiley Post Airport will receive another service provider as work has begun on a complex to be called JetSet. More>>



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