Nova Scotia

Development News | February 10, 2015
NS: SCI Logistics Expands into Halifax w/ Specialized Transportation Center   

Facility will be SCI’s focal point in the Maritime Provinces, providing a variety of “white glove” capabilities and enhanced technical... More>>

Development News | January 21, 2013
NS: Michelin to Invest $73M at Waterville Truck Tire Plant, Add 50 Jobs   

The project will include a 3,000 sq. metre assembly building expansion, equipment improvements and increased production capacity. More>>

Canada:  The Case for Canada
Article | October 31, 2012
Canada: The Case for Canada   

Boasting 10 provinces, each with its own vision, character and set of resources, Canada might just be the strategic partner you’re looking for. More>>

Development News | July 17, 2012
NS: Chorus Aviation (Jazz) Expands, Opens New HQ & Jobs for 150 in Halifax    

Jazz to expand heavy maintenance hangar, convert administrative building into operations center, establish new HQ, hire 150. More>>

Development News | March 28, 2010
MS: Mississippi to Host SEUS-CP Annual Conference; April 11-13, 2010   

Governors of states in the southeastern United States and premiers of Canadian provinces will be traveling to Biloxi, Miss., for the Southeastern... More>>

Agency | December 31, 2005
Bridgewater Development Association   


Agency | December 31, 2005
Colchester Regional Development Agency   


Agency | December 31, 2005
V.P. Buildings (Varco Pruden)   




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