Development News | May 4, 2017
ON: Ascent Expands Footprint with Toronto-Waterloo Corridor Data Center   

Next-gen hybrid cloud multi-tenant Ontario data center is 270,000 sq ft & sits on a 41-acre parcel with 15 acres of pad-ready expansion ground. More>>

Development News | December 6, 2016
ON: MTM Automation and Aerospace to Increase Capacity, Add Jobs   

Province to partner with maker of high-precision metal components, gauges, automation systems & machines to invest in equipment, technology. More>>

Development News | September 30, 2016
ON: Boart Longyear to Develop Drilling Systems at New R&D Facility   

With support of NOHFC funding & matching corporate capital investment, co. to work at NORCAT to test & develop several proprietary technologies. More>>

Development News | September 8, 2016
ON: Kruger to Invest $52M, Expand Trenton Facilities, Hire 119, Retain 184   

Canadian manufacturer and distributor of tissue products for household use to expand commercial division, boost U.S. market share. More>>

Development News | August 30, 2016
ON: GE Breaks Ground in Welland for New Multi-Modal "Brilliant Factory"   

The facility is expected to create 220 jobs with operations commencing in early 2018. The first phase of the investment is $165M US. More>>

Development News | July 8, 2016
ON: NexRev to Establish Operations in Toronto   

NexRev Canada ULC will provide energy-efficient HVAC solutions via direct sales and channel partners . More>>

Development News | May 16, 2016
ON: GreenMantra™ Technologies Completes New Brantford Mfg Plant   

Transformer of hard-to-recycle polyolefin plastics into specialty chemicals significantly expanded capacity & availability of its products. More>>

Development News | April 8, 2016
ON: Formet Industries Investing in Auto Sector, Creating Jobs in St. Thomas   

Ontario's support secures overall project investment of $23m+, with the project scheduled for completion by the end of 2018. More>>

Development News | March 22, 2016
ON: Co. Invests $38M to Build Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Parts Mfg Facility   

Mitsui High-tec to build first mfg facility in North America & first facility in Ontario producing motor cores for electric & hybrid vehicles. More>>

Development News | March 18, 2016
ON: Voyageur Aviation Opens New Maintenance and Engineering Company   

Voyageur Aviation Corp establishing new subsidiary - Voyageur Aerotech Inc., specializing in aircraft design engineering & MRO. More>>