Article | September 9, 2011
Designated Sites to Shortlist   

If the shortest distance between two places is a straight line, then the shortest way to a decision in site selection is knowing exactly where the... More>>

Agency | June 14, 2011
Region of Durham - Economic Development   


Agency | February 18, 2011
The Corporation of the Township of Manitouwadge   


Agency | January 14, 2011
Aylmer Economic Development   


Leaders on the Radar: Locating with Like-Minds
Article | January 11, 2011
Leaders on the Radar: Locating with Like-Minds   

The concept of locating entities with similar endeavors within areas of land called “parks” takes many forms. The most common are industrial... More>>

Agency | December 16, 2010
Haldimand County Economic Development   


Agency | November 24, 2010
Ajax Economic Development   


Location, Location, Location
Article | November 18, 2010
Location, Location, Location---It's All About Value   

The real estate mantra "location, location, location" means simply that the value of an edifice depends more on the structure's surroundings than on... More>>

Agency | October 22, 2010
Elgin County Economic Development   


Agency | October 11, 2010
Town of Gravenhurst   



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