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John M. Rhodes

Moran, Stahl & Boyer

John M. Rhodes

As Senior Principal of Moran, Stahl & Boyer for the past 15 years, John M. Rhodes has successfully directed numerous consulting assignments related to location strategy, relocation feasibility, location/site selection analysis and incentive evaluation for clients within technology/manufacturing and other industries. He has also engaged in economic development projects on long-term strategies, evaluation of resources and target industries, labor market studies, site assessments, and marketing profiles for communities throughout North America. Mr. Rhodes may be reached at john.rhodes@msbconsulting.com or 941-755-0074.

Article | March 7, 2013
Headquarters Location Solutions for the Midsize Company   

By: John M. Rhodes

A chronicle of what midsize companies face when defining the optimum location for the company headquarters as the company expands.

Article | March 1, 2012
Strategies for Headquarters Relocation in Today’s Economy   

By: John M. Rhodes

Is your company headquarters in a location that enables growth and assures competitiveness? Many successful companies realize that location matters...more >>

Article | March 8, 2011
Insights: Emerging Support Services Location Strategies   

By: John M. Rhodes

The emerging trend of re-shoring manufacturing back to North America is spilling over into certain support operations that include back office,...more >>

Article | November 19, 2010
Plastics: Update and New Developments in the Plastics Industry   

By: John M. Rhodes

We've come a long way from the black Bakelite phones and radio cases. In fact, your new coffee cup may actually be made from corn-based plastics....more >>

Article | September 23, 2010
The Emerging Impacts of Energy Cost on Industry and Communities   

By: John M. Rhodes

Energy may be a hot topic, but are certain industries and communities about to get burned? As the global demand for energy drives up cost, the...more >>

Article | June 30, 2009
R&D Support of Industry and Economic Development   

By: John M. Rhodes

In December of 1899, then President William McKinley noted in his State of the Union address that: "Our future progress and prosperity depend upon...more >>

Article | June 30, 2008
Technology - Life Stages vs. Location Selection   

By: John M. Rhodes

The development and commercialization of technology is a major factor in sustaining and differentiating the United States’ position in the global...more >>



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