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Tim Smith

The Austin Company

Tim Smith

Tim Smith serves as manager of Business Development for The Austin Company from their Cleveland, Ohio headquarters. He is responsible for marketing The Austin Company's services, identifying business prospects, and development of projects from initiation to completion. His industry focus includes life sciences, food and beverage, and advanced manufacturing. Mr. Smith has over 20 years of  professional experience in securing new business contracts and providing consulting and project related services to clients including Motorola, Konica, Proctor & Gamble, NASA, Eurand, Boehringer Ingelheim, and The US Government.

Article | January 12, 2011
Evolutions in the Pharmaceutical Landscape   

By: Tim Smith

Recent changes to the healthcare system, patent expirations, and a wave of ‘mega-mergers’ have impacted expansion and investment decisions for...more >>

Article | December 31, 2009
Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Manufacturing Plants   

By: Tim Smith

Recent regulatory, financial and other issues and changes are impacting site selection, site expansion and investment decisions for global...more >>

Article | December 31, 2007
Location Selection and Bioconvergence Facilities   

By: Don Schjeldahl,Tim Smith

Business executives, scientifically-rained managers and entrepreneurially-inclined individuals sometimes miss the target when locating new...more >>



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