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Bruce M. Hoch

DCG Corplan Consulting, LLC

Bruce M. Hoch

 Bruce M. Hoch is managing director of DCG Corplan Consulting LLC, a nationally recognized leader in corporate site selection, economic development, market analysis and real estate feasibility. Mr. Hoch is widely regarded as an expert consultant in the field of strategic planning. He has conducted over 400 consulting assignments involving development from coast to coast, as well as several foreign countries assignments in Europe and the Caribbean.

A graduate of New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1978, Mr. Hoch has performed strategic analyses and market studies for numerous state and regional agencies throughout his 30 years of experience.

Article | June 14, 2019
Strategies for Site Selectors in the Financial Services Industry   

By: Bruce M. Hoch

The true art of deal-making in business is risk and reward, and knowing when to act. The business of managing money is a complex array of...more >>

Article | April 25, 2018
Guidance for Site Selectors in the Financial Services Industry   

By: Bruce M. Hoch

Take a fresh look at the essentials for financial services location professionals contemplating expansion or relocation strategies.

Article | November 6, 2014
Practical Guidance for Metalworking Industry Executive Site Selectors   

By: Bruce M. Hoch

Catch up on the state of the metalworking industry and see how what's new in the industry will affect your location decisions.

Article | October 31, 2012
Plastics Industry Geography Could be Shifting   

By: Bruce M. Hoch

Find out what the future holds for the plastics industry, and why the United States will be at the heart of plastics innovation.




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