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Governor Robert Bentley

Governor of the State of Alabama

Governor Robert Bentley

Since Governor Robert Bentley took office in 2011, Alabama’s economic development team has recruited more than 70,000 jobs. During this time, Alabama has recorded significant gains in the automotive and aerospace industries. In 2012, Bentley announced that Airbus would invest $600 million to begin assembling aircraft in Alabama. Since then, Google, Polaris, Remington and others have announced plans to open Alabama facilities. In addition, Bentley led efforts to overhaul Alabama’s incentives platform and to streamline workforce development programs.

Contact: http://governor.alabama.gov/

Article | February 24, 2017
Alabama Bioscience Industry has the Right Chemistry for Growth   

By: Governor Robert Bentley

Seeking a state that's recognized as a manufacturing, technology and biosciences powerhouse? Look no further than Alabama.




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