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Seth Balkanyi

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Seth Balkanyi

Mr. Balkanyi is a Senior Consultant in Deloitte Consulting’s RE&LS practice. He has nine years of experience in real estate acquisitions, development, strategy and brokerage. In his time with Deloitte, Seth has supported clients with their needs around domestic and international site selection, real estate and site evaluations, operating costs/conditions analyses, and global footprint optimizations. While he works across industries at Deloitte, Seth primarily focuses on the life sciences and healthcare industry.


Article | September 4, 2015
How 3D Printing Impacts Manufacturing Location Decisions   

By: Jayanth Iyengar,Matt Szuhaj,Seth Balkanyi

Did you know areas with the talent pool, ecosystem and enabling business environment will be most successful in advanced manufacturing?

Article | January 10, 2014
What Sways Location Investments for Medical Device Businesses?   

By: Matt Szuhaj,Seth Balkanyi

A view into the unique pressures and dynamics that are influencing the investments and location decisions of medical device manufacturers.