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July/August 2015
July/August 2015

If you haven’t yet found out what you need to know about alternative energy and aren’t implementing “clean” initiatives in your facilities, it’s time you did. The good news is this July-August 2015 issue of Trade & Industry Development provides a wealth of information on the topic to inspire, to get started or update you on what is happening in important areas of alternative energy. In our feature, “Alternative Energy: A Snapshot,” some of your notions or trepidations about going “green” will likely be dispelled as it covers the not-so-good things that have happened and brings you up to date on the good things that are happening. If that’s not enough, both Outlook articles, which are authored by the absolutely most respected associations in wind energy and solar energy, provide clarity on the state of both of these areas of alternative energy. There’s no doubt you will be bowled over by the statistics of corporations that have already taken the plunge. The Sites & Programs article then brings you up close with various areas of the country and companies finding success with clean practices.

An industry sector that is also in a change mode is retail. The feature, “Making Sense of Retail Site Selection,” goes in-depth on how technology is changing the face of retail and what you need to know to succeed. (Don’t worry; it concludes that a bricks and mortar is still very necessary.)

Information Technology is the topic of a full-feature article, “Site Selection Trends in the Information Technology Industry,” that covers many of the nuances you need to know to select a site for IT and even provides a process to follow for site selection. 

Finally, we introduce you to four states to aid in your selection process plus areas that offer a great quality of life.   

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