Spring 2003 | Trade and Industry Development

Spring 2003


Trade & Industry Development Magazine

The premiere issue of Trade & Industry Development focuses on growth and expansion within the aerospace and automotive industries. Experts from the leading industry associations, SAE and AIA, real estate professionals, incentive consultants and state level officials have contributed advice on best practices and reports on actual projects for your reference as you define your corporate strategy for growth.

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The Aerospace Industry - A Mixed Picture

BY: John W. Douglas

The Aerospace Industries Association is a Washington, D.C.–based trade group that represents U.S. aerospace manufacturers, large and small. With 77 regular and 143 associate members, the association is industry’s voice in both domestic and foreign venues. We strive for a climate in which our members can develop, market and support their products efficiently and competitively throughout the world. We keep close track of industry trends and find today that aerospace--a diverse and broad industry sector--has powerful forces tugging it in several directions. more....