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January/February 2012
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With the New Year upon us, we decided to take a “cup half-full” approach in this issue of T&ID. Andrew Shapiro’s examination of the Bio Sciences industry showcases successful site selection strategies, while Jennifer Alten explores regions in R&D that are flourishing. And Didi Caldwell and John Sisson ring in the New Year with some resolutions designed more effectively manage siting decisions.

Amidst this backdrop of optimism and inspiration, we take a closer look at the catastrophic tornado events that happened this past spring. As Juli Anne Patty discovers, Joplin, Missouri and Tuscaloosa, Alabama give real meaning to the term recovery. The resiliency and resolve of these communities to re-build and continue to foster new industry should give hope for us all that recovery isn’t just a word, but an attainable goal that happens over time with dedication and diligence.

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Thomas Jefferson said of agriculture, it is “our wisest pursuit because it will in the end contribute most real wealth, good morals and happiness.” For many portions of the U.S. and Canada, Jefferson’s words couldn’t ring more true as a result of the high prices being paid for livestock, a number of crop types, farmland and exceptional worldwide demand for corn to produce ethanol. In fact, a recent news piece1 quoted several U.S. farmers who stated that 2011 was one of their best years ever. Likewise, agriculture was an economic bright spot even during the two previous years, according to Plunkett Research Ltd, which cited the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s statistics that “U.S. farm sector gross receipts for crops, livestock and products were about $312.9 billion in 2010, up substantially from $282.1 billion during 2009.”2 more...



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