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Jennifer Alten

Jennifer Alten

Jennifer Alten is a Chicago-based writer, marketing consultant and photographer who specializes in working with business-to-business technology, manufacturing and medical sectors. She has written articles, white papers, websites and marketing materials for dozens of commercial and not-for-profit organizations ranging in size from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups.

Article | January 9, 2020
Workforce Training Programs are Transforming Businesses   

By: Jennifer Alten

Innovative workforce training programs are a driving force to help businesses—and communities—thrive. From the federal level down to county and...more >>

Article | October 22, 2019
Shining the Light on Clean Industry Initiatives   

By: Jennifer Alten

Whether it’s called clean, green or sustainable, clean industry initiatives abound. Businesses realize that sustainable translates into bottom-line...more >>

Article | August 22, 2019
Light Manufacturing Provides a Heavy Lift for Economic Development   

By: Jennifer Alten

Light manufacturing’s impact throughout the U.S. is anything but featherweight. To attract and retain businesses in light manufacturing,...more >>

Article | March 22, 2019
Feeding the Economy   

By: Jennifer Alten

Food and agricultural processing not only provide fuel for appetites. The prodigious output is also fueling economies throughout the U.S. These...more >>

Article | January 30, 2019
Delivery System   

By: Jennifer Alten

Ports deliver vital goods and services to consumers and ship exports out the country. But they also go well beyond that—they create jobs and...more >>

Article | November 26, 2018
Workforce Development Programs Connect the Dots Between Companies and Employees   

By: Jennifer Alten

What is workforce development? Workforce Central, a workforce development program in Pierce County Washington, offers a description that hits the...more >>

Article | September 14, 2018
Clean is Gold: Clean industry initiatives are huge economic drivers throughout North America   

By: Jennifer Alten

Sustainability, conservation and renewable energy are the name of the game throughout North America. See where it is happening up close.

Article | July 2, 2018
Light Manufacturing Packs a Punch in U.S. Economic Development   

By: Jennifer Alten

Light manufacturing isn’t a lightweight when it comes to growing economies around the U.S. Take a look at how it's making a big impact.

Case study | April 30, 2018
The Key to Central Louisiana’s Success: A Strong Workforce   

By: Jennifer Alten

Central Louisiana is thriving. One major reason is the area’s strong workforce, which is driving regional growth and productivity.

Article | April 30, 2018
CiCi Community Impact Awards   

By: Jennifer Alten

Want to see community transformations resulting from companies' location choices? Simply read the CiCi Community Impact Awards stories.




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