Article | January 6, 2022
Workforce Housing: The New Employer Issue   

The demand for housing that can be afforded by the workforce has increased in various portions of the country. As employers seek to recruit skilled... More>>

Article | January 6, 2022
Evolving Financial Services Needs Are Causing Changes on the Ground   

A crisis such as a pandemic often comes with renewed scrutiny on corporate behavior. During the last national crisis – that of the 2008 economic... More>>

Article | January 6, 2022
Georgia: Where World-Renowned Brands Come Home   

During the most recent fiscal year, Georgia expansions resulted in a five percent increase in job creation above previous state economic development... More>>

Article | January 6, 2022
The Commercial Market: Then, Now and into 2022   

Unsurprisingly, the global pandemic is at the root of the bad news in the real estate market. Restrictions and lockdowns facilitated significant... More>>

Article | January 6, 2022
Missouri: More Innovation; More Growth; More Success   

Companies from across the world are becoming more aware of Missouri’s commitment to supporting businesses, and they are investing millions of... More>>

Article | January 6, 2022
CiCi Awards 2022 Community Impact Awards   

The location of a new facility or the expansion of an existing one can have a profound effect on a community. For the 16th annual CiCi Awards for... More>>

Article | January 6, 2022
Texas: The Land of Opportunity and Innovation   

In Texas, business is booming across a wide range of industries from aerospace, corporate services and finance to advanced manufacturing, energy,... More>>

Article | January 6, 2022
Corporate Headquarters and Relocations: Is Talent Tipping the Scales?   

With talent leading the way, the decision about where to locate is becoming more important than ever before. A multitude of perspectives needs... More>>

Article | January 5, 2022
Tennessee Lays the Groundwork for Continued Innovation   

Some of the world’s most recognizable brands call Tennessee home. Headquarters, finance and technology drive Tennessee’s economy and provide the... More>>

Article | January 5, 2022
CiCi Awards 2022 Corporate Investment Awards   

These 14 projects bring more than $16.1 billion in private corporate investment, with an additional 1.2 billion in economic development funding from... More>>