Article | June 28, 2021
Key Trends in Food Processing   

With quarantines, lockdowns, restaurant closures and work-from-home, consumers had more time to research how their food is being produced and where... More>>

Article | June 28, 2021
Ready to Roll: Designated and Certified Sites Get Businesses Up to Speed Quickly   

While many companies still build to suit, more companies than ever before are choosing designated sites, or those that allow tenants to move in... More>>

Article | June 28, 2021
South Carolina Is “Just Right” for Business   

South Carolina is known around the world as a first-rate place to do business because of its commitment to ensuring an exceptional economic climate.... More>>

Article | June 28, 2021
Manufacturing 4.0: Iowa’s Blueprint for a Technology Revolution   

Iowa’s extensive history of supplying global markets with a wide range of goods – from food products and pharmaceuticals to aerospace electronics... More>>

Article | June 28, 2021
Post-2020, Indiana Makes Bold Initiatives to Ensure Economic Growth, Quality-of-Life Advancements   

In Indiana, breaking economic development records has become a tradition in recent years, and despite a year of unprecedented challenges and... More>>

Article | June 28, 2021
Mississippi Sets the Bar High for Global Manufacturing   

Mississippi is living up to its global reputation as a powerhouse for manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace and transportation, and the Mississippi... More>>

Article | June 28, 2021
New Challenges & Opportunities for the Global Food Chain   

The food supply logistics chain is one of the most complex programs needed for national sustainability, and it is ever evolving and faces a wide... More>>

Article | June 28, 2021
Arkansas Never Shuts Its Doors on Businesses   

After more than a year of COVID-19, Arkansas’ unemployment rate is returning to pre-pandemic levels, and it’s economy is emerging with a... More>>

Article | June 28, 2021
How Metrics Can Inform Aerospace Manufacturer Location Decisions   

As revenue passenger kilometers plummeted by two-thirds in 2020, the commercial aviation industry experienced a similar drop in output. However, with... More>>

Article | June 28, 2021
Facing Forward, Alabama Prepares for Next-Level Developments   

After a year of pandemic challenges, Alabama’s economy is regaining lost momentum, with significant growth projects launching in key strategic... More>>