May/June 2006 | Trade and Industry Development

May/June 2006


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While some automotive manufacturers are planning to significantly cut back on production and workers, expansions are still occurring in North America. This issue focuses on the nature of this market, and provides you with excellent choices to locate your next facility.
The aerospace sector has seen an increase in orders over the past year. Partly due to the increased defense spending, this market has seen remarkable growth. Be sure to read our in-depth look at this industry, and what is to become of it.
Also, don’t miss our “Case Study” focusing on one of T&ID’s inaugural CiCi Award winners: SeverCorr. The decision of this plant to locate in Columbus, MS added to the ever growing presence of the Southern Automotive Industrial Corridor, and will be the first steel mill to be built in the United States in over a decade.
And, our state “Spotlights” (Pennsylvania, Alabama, Georgia and Ohio) have put forth their initiatives designed to entice your next site location decision.

In this issue

Site Selection Challenges and Opportunities for a Changing Aerospace Industry

BY: Gregg Wassmansdorf

The last fifteen years have brought dramatic changes within the aerospace industry. These changes include rapid and large company consolidations, dramatic spending/sales cycles (mostly cuts, but recently large year-over-year increases), massive employment losses, greater international competition, changing product demand within the commercial sector, halting efforts at “transformation” within the defense sector, and growth within several emergent aerospace markets. more....