Q3 2005 | Trade and Industry Development

Q3 2005


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According to the recent reports by numerous federal agencies, the economy is starting to grow.  Even with the ever increasing oil prices, manufacturing and employment are increasing.  In this issue we explore the intricate balance of growth, site selection and expansion for North American manufacturers, and the resources and options available to you.
One “Feature” article outlines the strategies necessary for successful location management. Another “Feature” focuses on the ways that manufacturers can enhance their business by operating in FTZs.  Accompanying this article is an insert detailing the location of the functioning FTZs in the U.S. 
As always, we have looked to leading national associations for their views on the economy in our “Industry Outlook” columns.  SPI paints a clear vision of the future, while NAM showcases key issues facing the economy and manufacturing. 
For even more information, look to the area “Spotlights” (South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri and Ohio) showcasing additional initiatives designed to strengthen your business.

In this issue

Manufacturing Location Trends

BY: Dennis J. Donovan

This article examines (a) current/emerging status of manufacturing in the U.S.; (b) predominant locational influences for siting new production facilities; and, (c) synopsis of the location selection process.  The article’s primary intent is to better prepare manufacturers to select optimal sites for new production capacity.  more....