September/October 2008 | Trade and Industry Development

September/October 2008


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Welcome to our Manufacturing issue, where we dispel the myth about manufacturing in the U.S. – its heyday is not in the past! In fact, U.S. manufacturing is the eighth largest economy in the world. And yes, while the manufacturing industry has many strengths, it, too, has challenges. As with any challenge, the first step in handling the challenge is to identify it. Once identified, a solution can then be determined and acted upon. You’ll find these ideas, and more, in the pages that follow.

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U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones Help U.S.-Based Manufacturers Meet the Challenges Posed by Globalization

BY: Greg Jones

Ask a number of plant managers for U.S.-based manufacturing operations who they regard as their particular manufacturing facility’s biggest source of competition. Some may respond that their biggest source of competition is the plant for Brand X. Most, however, will respond that the biggest threat to the continued viability of their plant’s operation is one or more plants located overseas. more....