September/October 2008 | Trade and Industry Development

September/October 2008


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Welcome to our Manufacturing issue, where we dispel the myth about manufacturing in the U.S. – its heyday is not in the past! In fact, U.S. manufacturing is the eighth largest economy in the world. And yes, while the manufacturing industry has many strengths, it, too, has challenges. As with any challenge, the first step in handling the challenge is to identify it. Once identified, a solution can then be determined and acted upon. You’ll find these ideas, and more, in the pages that follow.

In this issue

Moving Without the Ball

BY: David J. Burton

There is a saying in basketball that often the most important players on the court are the ones “moving without the ball” because inevitably these are the players that strategically position themselves past all the defenses to get the ball and score – sometimes with offensive emphasis.  By comparison, it’s not much different today for suppliers expecting to compete in global supply chains and beating the odds against failure.   Sometimes you just have to stop chasing contracts and “do what’cha gotta do” to be around when the ball is finally thrown to you. more....