Development News | February 18, 2009
Robbins Plans 60+ Stores in Atlanta & Surrounding Region   

Baskin-Robbins, America's favorite neighborhood ice cream shop, shares its plans to rapidly expand its national footprint with the... More>>

Development News | February 15, 2009
Custom Truck & Body Works to Expand Facility; Create 15 New Jobs; Invest $150K   

Custom Truck & Body Works announced that it plans to expand its facility in Meriwether County, creating 15 jobs and investing $150,000. "Georgia’s... More>>

Development News | February 4, 2009
RITZ Instrument Transformers to Open New Mfg. Facility; Create 50 New Jobs; Invest $3M   

Governor Sonny Perdue announced that RITZ Instrument Transformers plans to open a new manufacturing facility in Hartwell, creating 50 jobs and... More>>

Article | December 31, 2008

The men and women of the biotechnology industry are working every day to heal, fuel and feed the world. From health care to energy to climate change... More>>

Article | December 31, 2008
Site Selection for Life Sciences Companies   

There are billions of tax and financial benefits available to biotech companies who know how to access them and can put a process in place to collect... More>>

Development News | December 21, 2008
Woodlands Alternative Fuels to Locate Mill; Create 50 New Jobs; Invest $15M   

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue announced that Woodlands Alternative Fuels plans to locate a mill to produce wood pellets and chips in Thomas County,... More>>

Article | August 31, 2008
Georgia: For Businesses Wishing to Compete on a Global Scale   

Georgia is the ideal place for businesses who wish to compete on a global scale. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a large corporate entity, this... More>>

Article | August 31, 2008
Ports Grapple with Throughput Challenges   

Once a great ship is in motion, it tends to stay in motion. It will neither slow nor change direction very quickly. And if that is true of a single... More>>

Article | June 30, 2008
Adapting the Technology Incubator Model to Meet Local Development Demands   

Announcements about technology incubators seldom grab the biggest headlines. They lack the impact of, say, a new auto assembly plant. Whereas an auto... More>>

Article | June 30, 2008
Technology - Life Stages vs. Location Selection   

The development and commercialization of technology is a major factor in sustaining and differentiating the United States’ position in the global... More>>