Article | August 31, 2008
Georgia: For Businesses Wishing to Compete on a Global Scale   

Georgia is the ideal place for businesses who wish to compete on a global scale. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a large corporate entity, this... More>>

Article | August 31, 2008
Ports Grapple with Throughput Challenges   

Once a great ship is in motion, it tends to stay in motion. It will neither slow nor change direction very quickly. And if that is true of a single... More>>

Article | June 30, 2008
Adapting the Technology Incubator Model to Meet Local Development Demands   

Announcements about technology incubators seldom grab the biggest headlines. They lack the impact of, say, a new auto assembly plant. Whereas an auto... More>>

Article | June 30, 2008
Technology - Life Stages vs. Location Selection   

The development and commercialization of technology is a major factor in sustaining and differentiating the United States’ position in the global... More>>

Article | April 30, 2008
Parameters and Pitfalls in Siting Automotive and Automotive Suppliers   

Your company, Automotive Widgets USA, just won a big contract for a series of new automobiles that will be produced at a brand new automotive... More>>

Article | February 29, 2008
Third Annual CiCi Awards 2008: Corporate Investment Top 16   

The Corporate Investment portion of the CiCi awards is relatively straightforward. It is based on the scale of a project in a particular location,... More>>

Article | February 29, 2008
Third Annual CiCi Awards 2008: Community Impact Top 15   

The Community Impact portion of the 2008 CiCi awards highlights projects that have profound implications for local communities. In many cases, award... More>>

Article | December 31, 2007
Site Selection for the Biofuels Industry   

With the price of a barrel of oil approaching $100, and gasoline over $3 per gallon, anyone driving a car to work or to go shopping can see why the... More>>

Article | April 30, 2007
Siting Trends for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Automotive Suppliers   

Automotive suppliers represent a significant portion of the manufacturing workforce in many states. In fact, depending on what NAICS codes are... More>>

Article | April 30, 2007
The Future of Automotive Site Location Competitions   

The U.S. automotive industry is vital to our country’s economic health. There are approximately 7 million people who depend on the industry for... More>>