Article | November 14, 2013
Harnessing Metalworking Industry Site Selection Dynamics   

Learn why the research in this article shows market forces bode well for new metalworking plant creation and existing facility expansion. More>>

Article | November 13, 2013
Plastics: Emerging Economies Signal Opportunity for Growth and Exportation   

Find out what the emerging trends are in the plastics industry and take advantage of sage tips for plastics business site selection. More>>

Industry News | October 10, 2013
International Economic Development Council Bestows Gold Excellence Award   

City of Sioux City received a Gold Excellence in Economic Development Award for its 2012 Sabre Industries project from IEDC. More>>

Development News | October 3, 2013
IA: ELPLAST America to Establish N. American HQ in Marion, Hiring 70   

Europen maker of zippers for plastic bags constructing a 30,000 sq.-ft. building in the 181-acre Marion Enterprise Center. More>>

Development News | September 24, 2013
IA: Five Companies Announce Capital Investments, Jobs Creation, Retention   

Iowa Economic Development Authority awards will assist in creation of 71 jobs, retention of 260 jobs and over $25M new capital investment. More>>

American Wind Power: Strength Continues Following Record Year
Article | July 19, 2013
American Wind Power: Strength Continues Following Record Year   

See why the U.S. wind energy industry achieved its best year ever in 2012, shattering numerous records. More>>

Development News | June 24, 2013
IA: Microsoft Invests $677.6M for Expansion of West Des Moines Data Center   

The project expansion will house servers, networking equipment and office space needed to operate Microsoft’s cloud services. More>>

Development News | May 10, 2013
IA: MidAmerican Energy to Invest $1.9B in Added Wind Generation Capacity   

Company plans to add up to 1,050 megawatts of wind generation, consisting of up to 656 new wind turbines by year-end 2015. More>>

Development News | April 24, 2013
IA: Facebook to Locate Nearly $300M Data Center in Altoona, Create Jobs   

First phase of the project will result in a 476,000-sq.-ft. data center that will be among the most advanced and energy efficient of its kind. More>>

Development News | March 27, 2013
IA: 14 Companies Investing, Expanding, Creating Jobs with IEDA Assistance   

The awards will assist in the creation of 271 jobs, retention of 13 jobs and will result in over $85 million in new capital investment for the state. More>>



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