Development News | June 24, 2013
IA: Microsoft Invests $677.6M for Expansion of West Des Moines Data Center   

The project expansion will house servers, networking equipment and office space needed to operate Microsoft’s cloud services. More>>

Development News | May 10, 2013
IA: MidAmerican Energy to Invest $1.9B in Added Wind Generation Capacity   

Company plans to add up to 1,050 megawatts of wind generation, consisting of up to 656 new wind turbines by year-end 2015. More>>

Development News | April 24, 2013
IA: Facebook to Locate Nearly $300M Data Center in Altoona, Create Jobs   

First phase of the project will result in a 476,000-sq.-ft. data center that will be among the most advanced and energy efficient of its kind. More>>

Development News | March 27, 2013
IA: 14 Companies Investing, Expanding, Creating Jobs with IEDA Assistance   

The awards will assist in the creation of 271 jobs, retention of 13 jobs and will result in over $85 million in new capital investment for the state. More>>

Development News | March 15, 2013
8th Annual CiCi Award Recipients Announced by Trade & Industry Development Magazine   

The CiCi Awards are unique, commemorating the largest capital investments for development, equally recognizing positive community impact. More>>

Community Impact Awards
Article | March 11, 2013
Community Impact Awards   

The 15 companies whose 2012 announced development projects will make a significant difference in their chosen location. More>>

Corporate Investment Awards
Article | March 11, 2013
Corporate Investment Awards   

The Corporate Investment Awards pay tribute to 15 corporations that have announced the largest capital investment deals in 2012. More>>

8th Annual CiCi Awards
Article | March 11, 2013
8th Annual CiCi Awards Introduction   

The 8th Annual CiCi Awards pay homage to 30 of the most notable deals in Corporate Investment & Community Impact announced in 2012. More>>

Industry News | February 18, 2013
Advanced Biofuel Companies Now in more than Half of U.S. States   

Top 5 states for advanced biofuel companies: Calif., Ill., Colo., Texas and Iowa--Clean fuel standards fueling growth. More>>

Agency | February 14, 2013
Lee County Economic Development Group   



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