Governor Mary Fallin

State of Oklahoma

Governor Mary Fallin

In 2010, Mary Copeland Fallin was elected the first woman governor of Oklahoma. She was reelected in 2014 by a 15-point margin. Since Fallin took office in 2011, Oklahoma has consistently ranked among the top states for job creation in the nation. The governor is a graduate of Oklahoma State University. She is married to Wade Christensen, Oklahoma’s first “First Gentleman.” The couple has six children between them.

Contact: https://www.ok.gov/governor/

Article | July 28, 2016
Oklahoma: The State of Success   

By: Governor Mary Fallin

Site selectors, it's s time to catch up with Oklahoma: it's in the midst of an intense economic transformation in a plethora of industry sectors.

Article | May 15, 2014
Oklahoma – Thriving Ecosystems Pave the Way for State Growth   

By: Governor Mary Fallin

Catch the buzz: Oklahoma’s traditional industries are combining with aerospace and tech, equaling a fast-growing business economy.

Article | May 20, 2013
Oklahoma: The “Fly To” State’s Aerospace Appeal   

By: Governor Mary Fallin

Already a global aerospace industry hub, Oklahoma's Governor explains what the state is doing to grow, diversify and bring foreign investment.

Article | May 10, 2011
Aerospace Industry Soaring in Oklahoma   

By: Governor Mary Fallin

Since Oklahoman Wiley Post made aerospace history as the first pilot to fly solo around the world in 1933, Oklahoma has been internationally known as...more >>




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