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Ed McCallum

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Ed McCallum

Ed McCallum is a senior principal and partner at McCallum Sweeney Consulting, Inc. McCallum Sweeney provides site selection, incentive negotiation and economic development consulting services to leading companies and organizations worldwide. Clients include American Titanium Works, Nordex Gmbh, Paccar, LM Glasfiber, Nissan, BP-Innovene, Boeing, Boy Scouts of America, Michelin, Harley Davidson, and many more. For more information about McCallum Sweeney Consulting, Inc., please go to www.mccallumsweeney.com.

Article | May 21, 2013
Aerospace and Aviation: Finding Opportunities Amid Uncertainty   

By: Amy Holloway,Ed McCallum

An in-depth overview on the state of aerospace and aviation, one of the more resilient sectors of the U.S. manufacturing industry.

Article | April 30, 2012
Important New Drivers of Automotive Industry Site Decisions   

By: Ed McCallum

An understanding of the key drivers affecting the automotive industry now and in the future will provide a leverage point if and when earnest...more >>

Article | January 9, 2012
Incentives: Power and Responsibility   

By: Ed McCallum

Stan Lee, an American comic book writer and the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics, is attributed with the famous quote from Spiderman,...more >>

Article | July 21, 2011
Renewable Energy Means Jobs   

By: Ed McCallum

The U.S. renewable energy debate between legislators reminds me of hamsters on an exercise wheel. They go round and round incessantly but ultimately...more >>

Article | November 19, 2010
Metals Industry Creates Challenges and Opportunities   

By: Ed McCallum

The metals industry shows both difficulty and promise in the near term. From a geographic perspective, the Asia-Pacific region is experiencing higher...more >>

Article | September 14, 2010
Advanced Manufacturing Opportunities   

By: Ed McCallum

Poll any economic developer and ask them, “Are you interested in recruiting advanced manufacturing?” and the overwhelming response will be a...more >>

Article | August 31, 2009
A Long-Term Labor Strategy Approach   

By: Ed McCallum

Global competitiveness has forced many companies to re-evaluate preconceived notions regarding the availability of skilled and qualified workers at...more >>

Article | February 28, 2009
Insights - Don't Sit on the Sidelines   

By: Ed McCallum

I was asked by Trade & Industry Development magazine to write a brief “opinion” piece. There were no guidelines, nor rules on its content. The...more >>

Article | February 29, 2008
Company Responsibility   

By: Ed McCallum

A hot topic in site selection these days is “corporate responsibilities to communities.” The media has been quick to exploit the controversy...more >>

Article | February 28, 2006

By: Ed McCallum

For companies about to embark on a site selection or property acquisition endeavor, a difficult decision is at hand: Where should I turn for advice...more >>