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Governor Bill Haslam

Governor Bill Haslam

Bill Haslam was elected the 49th Governor of Tennessee in 2010 with the largest margin of victory in any open governor’s race in our state's history. His administration’s three top priorities are economic development, education and the state’s budget.

During his time in office, the governor is making significant progress in these areas with 28,000 new jobs created and more than $4 billion in capital investment in Tennessee in 2011.

Article | February 26, 2018
An Easy Choice:Tennessee Certified Sites   

By: Governor Bill Haslam

Not all sites are created equal. That’s why Tennessee takes the guesswork out of locating a site with Select Tennessee Certified Sites program.

Article | February 27, 2017
Tennessee Certified Sites Take the Guesswork Out of Site Selection   

By: Governor Bill Haslam

Learn why Tennessee's award-winning Select Tennessee Certified Sites Program helps mitigate the risks in expansion or relocation decisions.

Article | July 10, 2015
An Easy Choice: Tennessee Certified Sites   

By: Governor Bill Haslam

Not all sites are created equal. Take at look at what Tennessee has done to take the guesswork out of locating a site.

Article | July 11, 2014
Tennessee Glows with Entrepreneurship and Development   

By: Governor Bill Haslam

Did you know? Tennessee is quickly becoming one of the best places in the country for entrepreneurs to launch and grow a company.

Article | July 18, 2013
Research and Development: Powering Tennessee’s Future   

By: Governor Bill Haslam

Tennessee continues to take center stage when it comes to economic development. See why in this exclusive article.

Article | June 30, 2012
Data and Call Centers Thrive in Business-Friendly Tennessee   

By: Governor Bill Haslam

When Gov. Bill Haslam took office last year, he had a specific goal: make TN the #1 location in the Southeast for high-quality jobs.




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