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John Longshore

John Longshore, consultant at Global Location Strategies, and a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, has an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and a master’s in City and Regional Planning, both from Clemson University. Since starting with Global Location Strategies in 2012, he has worked for both domestic and international clients in industries including pulp and paper, automotive and distribution centers.

Article | June 28, 2017
The Southeast is Cleared for Takeoff   

By: John Longshore

Why did the Teal Group declare aerospace is the healthiest industrial segment of the world economy? And why the Southeast? Find out here.

Article | May 25, 2016
The Direction Automotive Manufacturing is Going   

By: John Longshore

Delve into what makes up the industry that employs the most people and is the U.S.’s largest exporter, and states where co.'s are locating.

Article | July 14, 2015
Alternative Energy: A Snapshot   

By: Didi Caldwell,John Longshore

Biofuels! Solar! Clean energy! Are these alternative energy initiatives panning out? The economic development world can safely be excited.



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