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Kurt Nagle

Kurt Nagle

Kurt Nagle has over 30 years of experience in Washington, DC, related to seaports and international trade. Since 1995, Mr. Nagle has served as president and chief executive officer for the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA). Mr. Nagle began working at AAPA, the alliance of the leading public port authorities throughout the Western Hemisphere, in 1985. Prior to joining AAPA, Mr. Nagle was director of international trade for the National Coal Association and assistant secretary for the Coal Exporters Association.

Contact: http://www.aapa-ports.org/

Article | January 28, 2019
Supply Chain Logistics Innovations Help Ports Gain Efficiencies   

By: Kurt Nagle

In the evolving world of supply chain logistics, where paper documents are transitioning to electronic, and end-to-end tracking of containerized...more >>

Article | November 4, 2014
Port Intermodal Connections Crucial to Supply Chain Logistics Flow   

By: Kurt Nagle

The American Association of Port Authorities reveals where investments are going in ports and what it believes must be done to stengthen them.

Article | November 13, 2013
Expanding U.S. Seaports Attract Exporters, Create Jobs   

By: Kurt Nagle

American Association of Port Authorities says U.S. seaports are expanding and assisting businesses looking to tap into increasing overseas demand.

Article | October 31, 2012
Improved Freight Connections with America’s Seaports Crucial to Recovery   

By: Kurt Nagle

American Association of Port Authorities shows how U.S. seaports serve as a vital economic lifeline by bringing goods around the world.

Article | November 8, 2011
AAPA Discusses the Security Improvements and Challenges of U.S. Ports   

By: Kurt Nagle

Port and industry leaders from throughout the Western Hemisphere paused on Sunday, Sept. 11, as part of the 100th Annual Convention of the American...more >>

Article | October 31, 2009
Healthy, Vibrant Seaports Support Economic Resurgence   

By: Kurt Nagle

In the United States and around the globe, the volume of goods moving through a nation’s seaports typically reflects the vigor and prosperity of...more >>




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